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FIC: Slow Burn

Reposted from my tumblr:

Because I have so many feelings regarding the whole Quinn & Kurt scene in the God Squad debacle, and I’ve read so many differing reactions to the scene, and let’s be honest, Glee is just not good at resolving issues like this.

So. Fic.

Title: Slow Burn

Word Count: 2000ish

Summary: The more Quinn thinks about it, the more she just can’t let it go.

Warnings: Talk of suicide; spoilers for 3x14: On My Way

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FIC: pull my strings just for a thrill (1/4)

...wow, it's been awhile since I've posted here. :) HAVE FANFIC.

Media:: Fanfic
Title: pull my strings just for a thrill (1/4)
Rating: R
Spoilers:: Takes place after 2x16: "Original Song"
Warnings:: Kidnapping, horror, supernatural elements
Word Count: 7,000+ (this part)
Notes: In honor of Halloween, I've decided to post the first part of my supernatural tale -- let me know what you think! Beta'd by the lovely and magnanimous countessoflace. Happy Halloween, everybody!
Summary: Kurt Hummel went missing on a rainy Saturday morning in April.

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Note to Everyone Ever: don't join the Navy. Just don't.

So, I left for work this morning at 6:00am.

And I got back from work at 6:30pm.


I think the worst part is that technically I did it to myself. -_-; The Navy has this warfare pin (I would explain, but it's a) SO INCREDIBLY BORING and b) no, no, actually that's my only reason) that I'm the point of contact for in my division. Which essentially means that I am in charge of planning training for it. Training that lasts a long time and winds up pushing back everything else I have to do, hence making me work twelve-hour days.


See, this is why I can't have a social life nice things.

On a happy note, however, I totally have an awesome Mercedes & Kurt friendship fic planned out. DOES IT INVOLVE DISNEY? OF COURSE IT INVOLVES DISNEY
shit could be worse

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Hey f-list,

I wanna write another Glee fic, and I'm a little stuck on the one I currently have in the works, so...

Anyone have prompts that they want to put out there? I've been looking at some of the prompt sites, but none of them are pinging for me. So I figured I'd try my luck with any Glee fans on my f-list instead.

My favorite characters are: Kurt, Blaine, Finn, Sam, Santana... most of the Glee kids, actually. And the Hudmels.

Based on all of my fanfics ever, I tend to veer more toward friendshippy (action) stories rather than smut, so... prompts that aren't heavy on the "and then they had sex!" bits are probably gonna be better. And pretty much every story is going to have to involve Kurt, because fanfic!love letters is just how I roll. and I love crossovers



Anyone have a prompt they'd like to share? I'm just looking for inspiration here, people. :) or we could talk about my desire to write a Glee/X-men crossover and how that's not gonna get ANY BETTER when I go see the new movie tomorrow
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Suddenly I See: that Dianna Agron is boss. :D

Man, Dianna Agron, if you weren't already one of my favorite actors on Glee, you certainly would be now.

Honestly, this kind of stuff is why I like Glee so much. Because the show itself? Let's be honest, not that great. I stick with it because the songs are catchy, some scenes are memorable, and many of the characters are enjoyable to watch (read as: as long as Mr. Schue is not there). Also Chris Colfer and Darren Criss make my life better. But the real reason I like Glee is because it pushes the envelope a lot for a prime time TV show (on Fox, no less!) and it's pretty clear that everyone involved is doing it deliberately.

So in light of some of the criticisms Ms. Agron brought up, I'm gonna join the opposing camp: I want more gay story lines on Glee! they're the only ones that Glee has consistently done WELL on, FINCHEL and WEMMA SEASON 2 WAS NOT ENOUGH. GIMME MORE. ♥

I will use EVERY EXCUSE POSSIBLE to post this Quinn gif. :DDD

Edit: it's "Chris Colfer" not "Christ Colfer", no matter how much my subconscious is insisting the opposite. -_-;
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He was behind the curtains THIS WHOLE TIME

Okay, so this JUST HAPPENED.

A pair of women came over this morning and were very clearly missionaries. And this conversation happened:

Lady: We were just stopping by to talk about recent world events. You know how global terrorism has been a big problem lately... what do you think the cause of that terrorism is?
Me: ....... well, probably the terrorists.
[awkward silence]
Lady: Well, we wanted to read a Psalm for you, and give you a pamphlet about the cause, and when it will end.
Me: Kthxbai.


I mean, don't get me wrong: I love me some 2,000-year-old holy carpenter, but I still would have had a really hard time not being sarcastic.

I probably need to update more. or something.

Today at work we had an office meeting, and my boss started talking about some of the problems she's seen in regard to personnel.

One of the bullet points was totally "Initiative Imbalance"

And it was hilarious, because she waxed on politely, using various PC ways to describe it, but we all clearly knew that what she meant to say was "some people do lots of shit and other people don't do shit, so fucking stop it, assholes."

I ♥ my boss.


In other news, I finally went to medical to do something about my recurring headaches.

(For those who don't know: like, 2-3 times a month, I'll wake up with a headache that gets progressively worse; by 8am, after I've been awake for four hours or so, it'll be so bad that I'm nauseas and wincing at bright lights.)

I was surprisingly shocked that the doctor didn't just give me some strong meds or whatever, even though that's all I expected. She took the time to listen to my history, gave me medical homework (food blogging is weirdly fun), and is going to run tests and EVERYTHING.

And the whole time, I'm just like, "...is this still military medical? Really?"

So yeah, we'll see how that works. Here's hoping for an easy fix! :D
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Conversations in Class! And here I thought this shit was over with.

So this week, I was in class, which was a nice break from the monotony of my normal job. The actual content of the class doesn't matter, really -- and trust me, it's boring -- but pretty much everyone there was fluent in Chinese, and most of us were second language learners.

We were looking at some slides, and one of them had some Russian phrases, romanticized into English for us. And then this conversation happened:

Me: [staring at the slides] Okay, I'm trying not to be bitter here or anything, but... seriously. It matches English so NICELY. Look at all the similar sounding phrases!
Native Chinese!Teacher: Yeah, it's easier than the Chinese, that's for sure.
Native US!Teacher: Let's be honest here -- committing harakiri is easier than Chinese, so that's not saying much. In fact, I think it should have been an option during school. Every morning, they should give you the choice of continuing to study Chinese or slicing your belly open.

The entire conversation was met with solemn nods from all the American students, while the native Chinese students just stared at us, confused.

And I can say from personal experience that you can substitute Japanese in the above conversation and it STILL APPLIES.

[really does like these languages. honest.]

[...kind of.]
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FIC: All Your Midday Prayers

Media: Fanfic
Title: All Your Midday Prayers
Rating: PG-13 (for language)
Pairings: Kurt/Blaine + Sam
Spoilers: Up to 2x19, “Rumours”
Warnings: Foul language, homophobia, gratuitous Disney
Word Count: 9,000+
Notes: Title stolen from "Friend Like Me" from Aladdin. Also, I guessed on Sam's little brother's age, because whatever. He looks like a first grader to me. :)
Summary: When Kurt and Blaine offer to babysit Sam’s brother and sister, it hits Sam a little harder than he expected. And not in a good way. Based loosely on this prompt from the glee_angst_meme

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